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Edinburgh area folk: don't forget, Kati Farkas will be giving an ERG talk on know-how TODAY in 3.11 DSB at 3:30--all welcome! — 1 week 3 days ago
Katalin Farkas is our Epistemology Research Group Speaker Wed 03/02 Title: 'An attempt to deconstruct the know-how debate’. (DSB 3.11, 3:30) — 1 week 5 days ago
Our own (/Andy Clark) talking about Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind: weeks 1 day ago
Who is she? A (virtually presented) Alessandra Tanesini weeks 2 days ago
RT : Join us. Feb 4. PESGB Seminar: Drs. Adam Carter & Emma Gordon "Social Epistemology & Ed.", 12:30, U. Edin, details: weeks 2 days ago
Orestis is holding court at the Q and A weeks 2 days ago
Orestis Palermos discusses the epistemology of transactive memory systems weeks 2 days ago
Orestis Palermos discusses dynamical systems theory and Sir Isaac Newton weeks 2 days ago
Now up: Harry Halpin Screen 1 and Harry Halpin Screen 2, on knowledge and the web weeks 2 days ago
A great Q and A with Duncan on the role of technology in achieving educational aims weeks 2 days ago