Dr Mark Sprevak in the latest Big Ideas postcast

Following the passion on display at the "Does technology make you smarter?" event at Summerhall on the 17th of April, our own Dr Mark Sprevak has been invited to take part in the Big Idea podcast of the University of Edinburgh to talk about how technology, rather than making us less intelligent, is making us differently intelligent.

The use of smartphones to remember things such as phone numbers or appointments, the continuous texting with friends, the reliance on electric calculators in classrooms - Sprevak argues - boost, rather than reduce, our memory, literacy and numeracy skills.

Taking its lead from the recent Edinburgh International Science Festival, this Big Idea Podcast looks at how science is at the heart of everything. Three academics (Dr Mark Sprevak, Professor Joyce Tait, director of the Innogen Institute and Ian Sharman, a PhD student at Edinburgh College of Art), who appeared at various festival events, share their insights into how technology changes our ability to learn, what effect the media has on science, and the uncanny similarities between artists and scientists.

Accessible, interesting and intriguing! Don't miss the opportunity to hear this podcast here!