Eidyn at Explorathon'14 - European Researchers' Night

For one night, researchers and public will get together to share ideas, discoveries and curious facts!

Explorathon'14 - Join us for an extravaganza of discovery, debate and entertainment as we celebrate European Researchers’ Night across Scotland on Friday 26 Sept.

Eidyn will be at the National Museum of Scotland with two brilliant events:

  • 1-4.30pm: Dr Mark Sprevak and Dr Francesca Rossi will invite you to challange yourself on the Turing Test ... Can you tell whether it’s a human or a computer instant messaging you?

  • 2-3pm:  In the Earth in Space gallery, adults and older teenagers can joinour own Dr Michela Massimi and museum curator Peter Davidson in asking the big questions about the universe. How did cosmology evolve from metaphysics to science? How can the laws of cosmology be tested? What are dark matter and dark energy, and what is the evidence for them? This synthesis of philosophy and cosmology, enhanced by the ‘Earth in Space’ collection at NMS, is a great way to while away a Friday afternoon.