Eidyn has been awarded the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) Knowlegde Exchange Grant!!!

Eidyn is delighted to announce that the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Edinburgh will fund the Eidyn's "Philosophy in the Playground" project! The College, which received 23 applications but could fund only 15 of the projects, decided to provide funding in full for our project!!! This is great news!

Philosophy in the Playground is a series of three events which will run between February and April 2014 in Summerhall. It will engage a new audience not typically involved in academic events (parents in maternity/paternity leave, parents and people who don't work), it will show how the subjects of Eidyn's cutting-edge research in Philosophy are related to everyday experiences and life situations, and it will raise awareness of the philosophical research and methodology in approaching and analysing complex situations.

Children will be engaged in exciting activities while parents and adults will be able to enjoy Eidyn's research!

We will post more information about this amazing series of events soon!!!

We are all very excited about Philosophy in the Playground!!!