Seminar - Robert Rupert

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Room 1.17 - Dugald Stewart Building
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Robert Rupert - “Embodied knowledge, semantic externalism, and conceptual analysis”

In this talk, I present a view of embodied conceptual knowledge that, if correct, undermines an influential account of philosophical method. Inspiration for the positive view derives partly from Laura Schroeter’s Improv Model of concept possession as well as some remarks by Timothy Williamson on the source of philosophical intuitions. I argue that Schroeter’s and Williamson’s views take their most plausible shape within a framework that weds embodied cognition and semantic externalism. This positive picture is then brought critically to bear on a model of a priori justification that David Chalmers has, in recent years, developed partly as a way of making precise the epistemic potential of a two-dimensional semantic framework.