PhD Opportunities: Funding Available

Eidyn welcomes inquiries from prospective postgraduate students who would like to be affiliated with the Centre. Prospective postgraduate students can find out more about Edinburgh's graduate programme in Philosophy here. (See in particular our placement record and our testimonials from previous postgraduate students). Research postgraduate students who wish to be affiliated with Eidyn simply need to declare this on their application form.

There are a number of sources of funding available specifically for PhD students, and PhD students with research projects related to Eidyn's main research themes would be in a strong position to secure this funding. These sources of funding include the following:

Philosophy postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh are also funded from a variety of other sources, such as the Carnegie Trust. For more details about postgraduate funding available in Philosophy, click here. See also the Univeristy of Edinburgh's scholarship funding page here. For any general inquiries about our graduate programme, please contact our Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Michela Massimi.


Prospective Academic Visitors

Eidyn regularly hosts visiting academics, and it also welcomes inquiries from scholars who wish to apply for external postdoctoral funding for a project based at the Centre (such as this project). Inquiries about either sort of visit to Eidyn should be directed to the Centre Director, Prof Duncan Pritchard.