Dr Lani Watson

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Lani Watson
Lani Watson is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the role that the practice of questioning, and the intellectual virtues of curiosity and inquisitiveness, play in everyday life - in social, political, and educational contexts. Her current project aims to develop and pilot a technology designed to help students ask better questions in the classroom. Questioning is an essential skill for gathering information and for engaging in democratic processes and institutions, such as the media. Yet schools and universities place little emphasis on the ability to ask good questions, and focus instead on the ability to answer. Can we improve questioning in the classroom, through technology, and, if so, what are the educational and societal benefits of doing so. The research combines applied epistemology and educational theory with experimental philosophy and psycholinguistics. For more on the project, visit philosophyofquestions.com.