Professor Michael Ridge

Professor of Philosophy
Professor Michael Ridge works primarily in meta-ethics. In a series of articles, culminating in a book Impassioned Belief (2014), he has developed and defended a new form of meta-ethical expressivism - Ecumenical Expressivism. Ecumenical Expressivism is a sort of "hybrid theory" which incorporates cognitivist elements in an expressivist framework in an attempt to have the "best of both worlds." Professor Ridge is also an internationally recognized expert on hybrid theories in meta-ethics more generally, and he has co-edited (with Guy Fletcher) a volume of some of the most important work on that topic in their Having It Both Ways (OUP, 2014). In earlier work, Professor Ridge also had done important work on the debate over moral particularism and moral generalism, on a number of side projects in moral and political philosophy, ranging from duties of reparation for historical injustices to the development of new ways of understanding rule consequentialism. He has also published several pieces in the history of philosophy, with a focus on the work of Hume and Mill. More recently he has become interested in the philosophy of games and the philosophy of play, and he is working on several articles in that area, as well as continuing his work in meta-ethics and meta-normative theory.