January 2014

New Eidyn Pilot Project: "Group Knowledge"

Another great pilot project for Eidyn!!!

How do groups store, share, and generate knowledge? Can groups be intelligent agents in themselves, under which conditions, and what effects may this have on the first set of questions, above? Understanding how knowledge can be acquired by groups on the basis of collective reasoning processes can have a multitude of far-reaching applications, especially within modern society where the means for communication and distributed information-processing become increasingly abundant, due to the rapid advancement of technology.

Academic Visitor: Professor Matthew McGrath

Professor Matthew McGrath (University of Missouri—Columbia) is visiting Eidyn this semester. His areas of specialisation are Epistemology and Methaphysics.

Another New Eidyn Pilot Project: "Disagreement in the Natural Sciences: Truth, History, and Conceptual Change"

A new great Eidyn pilot project is starting with the goal of addressing the nature of peer disagreement in the natural sciences!!!