July 2014

Philosophy and the Sciences for Everyone is coming out soon!!!

Philosophy and the Sciences for Everyone, the textbook for Eidyn's new MOOC starting in October 2014, is coming out soon!

It will address questions such as:

  • What is the origin of our universe?
  • What are dark matter and dark energy?
  • What is our role in the universe as human agents capable of knowledge?
  • What makes us intelligent cognitive agents seemingly endowed with consciousness?

New Network Project for Eidyn - Philosophy of the Natural and Human Sciences: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

Brilliant new Network Project for Eidyn starting in September 2014!!!

"Philosophy of the Natural and Human Sciences" is mainly funded by an IASH 'International and Indisciplinary Research Groups' award, with some additional funding from Eidyn.

"Should We Get Real About Ethics and Maths?"

"Should we get real about the ethics and maths?" is the new Eidyn project led by our Dr Debbie Roberts in collaboration with Dr Mary Leng (University of York) starting this year!!!

The aim of this project is to make progress in the realism/anti-realism debate in each of ethics and philosophy of mathematics by pursuing potentially fruitful analogies and parallels between metaethics and philosophy of mathematics.

New Project for Eidyn - Free Will and Entering ‘Heaven’: What Would Heaven Be, Were It To Be?

Another new great Individual Project founded by Eidyn and the John Templeton Foundation for, once more, our very own Dr Patrick Todd!!!

What is the nature of heaven, were it to exist? What must one do (or not do) to end up there? Should all human persons will eventually end up in heaven mainly because of God's love? What if some won't cooperate?

This project attempts to take this debate further by developing several models of "heaven". On some, free acceptance will be essential to being in "heaven", on others, it won't.

iCog Conference - Call for abstracts

The second annual iCog Conference, held at the University of Edinburgh, will focus on the theme of learning in the cognitive sciences.

Learning includes a diverse range of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

Academic Visitor - Professor Steven Hales

Great new success for Eidyn and our own Dr Patrick Todd!!!

Free Will, Moral Responsibility, Divine Providence, and Human Relationships with God is a new major project - founded by the John Templeton Foundation and Eidyn - that looks at how we can go beyond the longstanding disputes about how God does ( or could) accomplish God's plans in the world in the face of creaturely freedom.