November 2014

"Philosophy Think Tank 2014" at Informatics Forum!

Come and meet our most promising junior philosophers showcasing their exciting and thought-provoking research in 5-minute presentations at this vibrant event.

From Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Language to Epistemology and Ethics - join us and be inspired by the future of philosophy!

Monday 24th of November, 6pm, Informatics Foru

Dr Guy Fletcher at the Dundee Science Festival!!

The Aging Brain: A Risky Route to Wisdom?

Have you ever wondered how our brain ages? What changes are associated with normal aging versus those that are related to disease? Join the Medical Research Centre for a discussion around philosophy, artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Our Dr Guy Fletcher will add his own special and preciuos perspective on this very fascinating topic!

Prof Andy Clark keynote speaker at Computers and Minds, part of Being Human Festival of Humanities

As part of the Festival of the Humanities, our own Professor Andy Clark will give a lecture open to all entitled "Being and Computing: Are You Your Brain, and Is Your Brain a Computer?".

He will help us explore the fascinating current state of the art of research at the interface of philosophy, computational neuroscience, robotics and artificial intelligence. Are you sure you want to miss it?

Dr Alasdair Richmond's view on the science behind the film "Interstellar" on The Conversation

Have you already seen Interstellar, the new movie by Christopher Nolan?

Take a look at our own Dr Alasdair Richmond's view on the science behind it!