April 2016

Andy Clark to Deliver the 2016 Chandaria Lectures

Eidyn’s own Andy Clark has been invited to give the 2016 Chandaria Lectures in Philosophy for the University of London’s School of Advanced Study. Good job, Andy!

These lectures will be delivered in June, and open to the public.

Michela Massimi to Feature in HowTheLightGetsIn2016

Michela Massimi will feature in three events for the 2016 HowTheLightGetsIn philosophy and music festival (26 May-5 June). Michela will appear in one solo event—‘Realism in Perspective’—in which she’ll showcase new work from her ERC project on Perspectival Realism. In addition, Michela will partner in two events entitled ‘The Strangeness of Things’ and ‘Uncovering the Unknown’.

Extending Knowledge of the Implications of Socially Extended Knowledge

Over the past 3 years, Eidyn researchers have been examining the theoretical and practical ramifications of conceiving of knowledge as extended beyond the individual to the artifacts she interacts with (e.g. smartphones).

On 25 January 2016, with its Extended Knowledge Project coming to a close, Eidyn hosted a one-day meeting to showcase its findings to a diverse audience with an interest in the applicability of the research to education, industry, ethics and law.