Joshua Habgood-Coote: Winner of the Scottish Outreach and Impact in Philosophy Prize

EIDYN is delighted to announce that Joshua Habgood-Coote (St. Andrews and Stirling) is the winner of the Scottish Outreach and Impact in Philosophy prize for 2016. The prize of £500 was generously funded by EIDYN and the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH). 

Earlier in the year proposals were invited from all SGSAH philosophy students for entry into the competition. These proposals were for projects designed by graduate students to engage the wider community with themes relating to their research.

Joshua’s winning project is called ‘Knowing How to Run: A Philosophical Exploration’.  Among other great making qualities, Joshua’s project was chosen for its originality, measurability, and attractiveness. He’ll organize a roundtable discussion among runners on pre-prepared topics to get them thinking about running in connection with research on knowledge-how. The aim will be, as Joshua says, “to introduce the audience to a range of ideas in a way that is both engaging and makes clear how some of the insights in epistemology can be useful in understanding the why and how of running.”

Joshua’s project was announced the winner among two runner-ups at the Outreach and Impact in Philosophy workshop held this past Nov. 30th in Edinburgh. Joshua, Olan Harringon (Glasgow), and Blaine Kenneally (Edinburgh) all presented their projects to audiences in attendance at the event.

Well done, Joshua!