Sci-Screen at Cineworld: "Her" or "Falling in love with AI" British Science Association: Science meets Cinema

Dr Mark Sprevak introduces the screening of 'Her' by talking about what artificial intelligence is and how humans might interact with artificially intelligent systems in the future.

After the film, there will be a Q&A with Dr Sprevak and opportunity for further discussion in the cinema bar.

Abstract: "Artificial intelligent agents are steadily growing in number and sophistication around us. Google has named artificial intelligence (AI) as its central goal for the future. One day, Google may be able to predict what you want before you want it. But what does it mean for an artificial system to be intelligent? Part depends on our judgements and emotional response to that system. Mark Sprevak will guide a discussion of some of the surprising ways in which emotional bonds to artificial agents have been at the centre of the project of AI."