Eidyn is strongly committed to communicating its cutting-edge research to the wide public. Eidyn is involved in many forms of outreach with schools, prisons, cultural organizations, the general public, skilled professionals and the media.

We aim at collaborating with broader audiences to enhance the positive contribution that Eidyn research in Philosophy can make to our society.

Our outreach activities include:


Public Events

People at a table

Public events are targeted at a very wide public and cover various aspects of Eidyn's cutting-edge research.

Eidyn firmly believes that public events are powerful means for communicating its research to the public.

MOOCs and Online Courses

Eidyn offers a range of online courses to communicate Philosophy to high standards in a fun, interactive and easy way all around the world. These currently include two MOOCs and one Online MSc Course.

Philosophy in Schools

Philosophy in Schools is a program targeted at Primary and Secondary schools in Edinburgh aimed at fostering the benefits of exposing students to critical thinking and philosophical topics.

Philosophy for Educators

Philosophy for Educators aims at enhancing pedagogical skills and critical thinking.

Eydin aims at engaging with more nursery teachers and school teachers in the future!

Philosophy in Prisons

Philosophy in Prisons is a unique outreach project that explores how innovative forms of online education (MOOCs) combined with more traditional ones can enhance the outcomes of prison education, including rehabilitation.


Eidyn is also in the media!

See Eidyn’s media-related activities in this section.