Philosophy for Educators

Here at Eidyn we aim at providing critical tools and research insights in personalised sessions to help teachers enhance their pedagogical skills.

For example, Dr Elinor Mason has successful run a session for nursery teachers to raise awareness on gender stereotypes. Through questions, discussions and presentation of relevant research data, the session helped practitioners to critically re-consider their activities with children, their approach to sensitive topics and their ways of dealing with complex situations

What nursery teachers say about the session:

"Very informative and in some ways an eye opener" "
Very engaging" "A very concise and informative talk"
"There was a good balance between videos, facts on gender related issues and interaction with the audience"

We aim at engaging more nursery teachers and schoolteachers in the future on a broad range of topics that Eidyn research covers

If you are interested in running a Philosophy for Educators session, please contact Dr Francesca Rossi (Eidyn Knowledge Exchange Officer) by emailing