Emotions First: The Role of Emotions in Reasoning

Neuroscientists have recently discovered the primacy of feelings and emotions over reasoning in our mental life.

On the basis of these results, cognitive scientists are developing a semantics of conceptual classification, grounded on feelings and emotions towards the world. This project aims to show that the ancient Greek philosophers developed theories of action, where the battle between our desires and feelings towards the world grounded the pattern of rationality that emerged from this battle. It aims to investigate the hypothesis that the emotional quest for the good of the organism is constitutive of rationality.

If this hypothesis is correct, then contemporary philosophy will gain a novel understanding, from the ancients, of the bridge from desires and feelings to deciding and acting, building the conceptualisation of the good for the agent in the process. 

"Social Dimensions of Cognition and Education: Interdiscipinary Perspectives"


Project team: 

Lead Investigator: Dr. Laura Candiotto

Co-Investigator: Professor Dory Scaltsas

Project duration: 
4 years
Funded by a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (c. €185K)