Foundations of Normativity

This project aims to unify disparate strands of research being conducted across Philosophy, Law and Politics into questions about the nature of norms, rules and laws—those that govern institutions, actions and thought—and how these connect to reasons, responsibility and prescriptive language. In addition to local interdisciplinary collaboration, we plan to foster an international network of scholars working on the foundations of normativity by formalising already existing research connections between University of Edinburgh researchers and researchers at other institutions in a way that promotes wider recognition of Edinburgh and Scotland more generally as a world-class centre for postgraduate courses and research on the foundations of normativity.

Project team: 
  • Project Leader: Dr Matthew Chrisman (Philosophy)
  • Executive Committee: Dr Matthew Chrisman (Philosophy), Dr Luis Duarte d’Almedia (Law), Dr Kieran Oberman (Politics)
  • Edinburgh Participants: Dr Guy Fletcher (Philosophy), Tim Hayward (Politics), Dr Elinor Mason (Philosophy), Dr Claudio Michelon (Law), Prof Michael Ridge (Philosophy), Dr Debbie Roberts (Philosophy), Dr Mathias Thaler (Politics), Dr Patrick Todd (Philosophy)
  • International Partners: Prof James Dreier (Brown: Philosophy), Prof David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Philosophy, Law), Prof Nadeem Hussain (Stanford, Philosophy), Prof Graham Hubbs (U of Idaho: Philosophy, Politics), Prof Teresa Marques (Pompeu Fabra University: Law, Philosophy), Prof Michael Pelczar (NUS: Philosophy), Prof David Plunkett (Dartmouth: Philosophy, Law), Prof Gerald Postema (UNC: Philosophy, Law), Prof Rob Reich (Stanford, Politics), Prof Kevin Toh (SFSU: Philosophy)
Affiliated projects: 
International and Interdisciplinary Research Groups' award