Philosophy in Prisons

The goal of this project is to run an offline version of Eidyn’s very successful MOOCs, such as the Introduction to Philosophy MOOC, in two Scottish prisons, as part of their prison education provision.

The idea is to explore how this innovative form of online education can enhance prison education. In the longer term, it is hoped that this project will lead to new research on philosophical and pedagogical issues in education, and possibly even have an impact on public policy with regard to prison education. This project is being conducted in collaboration with colleagues in the University of Edinburgh's Moray House School of Education, New College Lanarkshire, and the Scottish Prison Service. 

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Project team: 
  • Project Leaders: Prof Duncan Pritchard (Eidyn/Philosophy) & Dr Mary Bovill (Education)
  • Project Co-ordinator: Nicholas Carroll (Eidyn/Philosophy)
  • Collaborators: Dr Francesca Rossi (Eidyn KE & Impact Officer), Dr J. Adam Carter (Eidyn/Philosophy), Dr S. Orestis Palermos (Eidyn/Philosophy), Carla Rodriguez (Philosophy MSc student), Di Yang (Philosophy PhD student), Rosa Hardt (Philosophy PhD student), Nikki Cameron (Prison Education, Cornton Vale Prison), Anna Mackenzie (Prison Education, Low Moss Prison), Kirsten Sams (Manager, Offender Learning and Skills, New College Lanarkshire)
Project duration: 
4 years
Funded by Eidyn/PPLS