Philosophy, Science and Religion Online

The goal of the project is to create a dedicate suite of online materials at the intersection of 'Philosophy, Science and Religion'.

This will include a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) plus a new online MSc programme. In addition, further online resources will be created to promote the general topic of Philosophy, Science and Religion (e.g., within secondary schools, prison education, and so on).

Sign up for Part 1 of the MOOC with Coursera (Launches 23rd January 2017)

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Philosophy, Science and Religion MOOC

Philosophy, Science and Religion MSc programme

Project team: 

Project Leaders: Prof Duncan Pritchard (Eidyn/Philosophy) & Dr Mark Harris (Divinity)

Project Faculty: Dr Jamie Collin (Divinity), Dr S. Orestis Palermos (Eidyn/Philosophy), Dr Mog Stapleton (Eidyn/Philosophy)

Local Project Network: Dr J. Adam Carter (University of Glasgow, Philosophy), Dr Ian Church (Hillsdale College, Philosophy), Prof David Fergusson (University of Edinburgh, Divinity), Rev Dr Michael Fuller (University of Edinburgh, Divinity), Dr Emma Gordon (University of Edinburgh, Eidyn/Philosophy), Prof Michael Northcott (University of Edinburgh, Divinity), David De Pomerai (University of Edinburgh, Divinity), Dr Alasdair Richmond (University of Edinburgh, Eidyn/Philosophy), Sarah Lane Ritchie (University of Edinburgh, Divinity), Dr Kate Snow (University of Edinburgh, Geosciences).

International Project Network: Prof Mark Alfano (Delft University of Technology, Philosophy), Prof Justin Barrett (Fuller Theological Seminary, Psychology), Prof David Clough (Chester University, Theology and Religious Studies), Prof Conor Cunningham (University of Nottingham, Theology and Philosophy), Prof John Evans (University of California, San Diego, Sociology), Prof John Greco (St. Louis University, Philosophy), Prof Martin Kusch (University of Vienna, Philosophy), Prof Tim Maudlin (New York University, Philosophy), Prof Al Mele (Florida State University, Philosophy), Prof Tom McLeish (University of Durham, Physics), Prof Michael Murrary (Evangelical Philosophical Society), Prof Rik Peels (Free University of Amsterdam, Philosophy), Prof Stathis Psillos (University of Athens, Philosophy), Prof Graham Priest (University of St. Andrews/University of Melbourne, Philosophy), Prof J. L. Schellenberg (Mount Sant Vincent University, Philosophy). [Others TBC]

Project duration: 
5 years
Principal funding from the John Templeton Foundation, with additional support from Eidyn/PPLS/Divinity (c. £1.5M in total)